external image adventures_of_huckleberry_finn.jpgSummary of the Book:
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a fictional story about a young boy with an adventurous spirit. At the beginning of the book, Huck Finn lives in the south with Miss Watson, a woman who raises him and tries to “sivilize” him. Huck and his friends often sneak around and find trouble to get into. When Huck’s drunken pap returns for him, he finds out that Huck has been getting a very good education from Miss Watson. Jealous of his son’s intelligence, he takes Huck to live with him in a cabin deep in the woods. Huck cannot decide if he likes or dislikes life with Pap. He likes being in nature and living without lessons, but his pap is constantly beating and abusing him. One thing Huck knows for sure is that he wants freedom and a new life. After a while of living with his pap, Huck escapes by faking his murder. Using a canoe that he found, Huck sets off to Jackson Island, where he is surprised to meet Jim, who was Miss Watson’s black slave. Jim had run off when he overheard Miss Watson talking about selling him. Together, Jim and Huck have their own adventures traveling on a raft down the Mississippi River and meeting all sorts of interesting characters. Huck learns a lot about life, slavery and himself.

Description of Major Characters:

Huck Finn: Huck is the main character of the book. The book is written in his part of view, so all his emotions and thoughts are very clear. Huck is an extremely adventurous boy, he loves nature and excitement. Huck can also be mischievous at times and likes to play tricks on people. He is a very intricate thinker and is smart as well.
Jim- Jim is a runaway slave who is very superstitious. He cares for Huck and worries about him. Jim is intelligent and he helps Huck realize that African Americans are people, not property. He trusts Huck to not turn him in and is honest to him in return.
Pap- Pap is Huck’s father who is almost always drunk. He is a little envious of his son because he knows Huck is smarter and more educated than him. Pap has a very strong temper and usually takes it out on Huck.
Tom Sawyer: Tom is one of Huck’s really good friends. He likes adventure and excitement just like Huck does, but he has a lot more imagination. He dreams up wild plans and loves reading fantasy books. Tom likes playing tricks on others too, but does not have as much common sense as Huck does.
Miss Watson- Miss Watson takes care of Huck at the beginning of the book. She believes that everyone should be civilized and well mannered. Miss Watson tries many times to make Huck a good boy and educate him.


I enjoyed reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because I liked reading about all the characters Huck met on his adventures. Huck was definitely my favorite character because it was interesting to find out about all the little situations he got himself into, and how he got himself out of those situations. He reminded me of myself when I was younger and how I was always curious about things and even a bit mischievous! One thing I did not like about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was that it was confusing at times. The dialect used in the book was very different than the way we talk today, so some phrases or words confused me. I was glad that we got to watch the movie, because it answered some questions I had about what happened in the book.

What can we learn from reading this book?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn teaches us a few very important lessons. One lesson is that we should never judge people by their appearances. Huck learns this lesson when he meets Jim. Huck always thought Jim was property and a typical black slave, but not an actual human being. After being with Jim, he finds out that Jim is a caring, trustworthy person. He learns that black slaves are not property because they have lives, feelings, and emotions just like he does. After Huck learns this lesson, we can take it and apply it to our own lives.

Answers to Essential Questions:

What role does society play in shaping who we are? Society expects us to be a certain type of person, with certain qualities and characteristics. It is hard to be who we want to be when we have society expecting us to be someone else.
What does freedom mean to you? To me, freedom means being happy and being able to make my own decisions. Freedom does not mean having everything I want and being where I want to be. The most important idea of freedom is having choices, and making choices without being influenced by others.
How do you go about making important decisions? When I need to make an important decision, I make sure that I know what my choices are, and I think about what the consequences might be if I follow through with one of those choices. I also consider what might happen if I do not choose one of those choices. When making an important decision, I think about what could happen to me, and also what could happen to those around me.
What does Huck Finn teach us about what it means to be human? Huck Finn teaches us that being human means finding yourself and finding who you really are. It is important to be yourself, no matter what, even if you do not fit the type of person society wants you to be.